Princess Coconut Trixi-Bell Gonzwalaze Takalaa (hornybunny) wrote in kluvsm_mluvsk,
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need to get it off of my chest

i'm very sad.
anyone know what time we've to be at james's?!
men are hypocritical bastards at times.
i mean, honestly, they tell you that they love you and then they get the wrong end of the stick about something and you forgive them and then you get stroppy about them not coming to the mission which means you won't get to see them before christmas and they throw a hissy fit, tell you that you're like one person with friends and another with them and to pick a personality and then it appears as though they dump you even though they don't actually tell you that and you pleaded with them not to and just to forget everything and then they say that the both of you can try again and clean slate and all this business but then they aren't the same with you, they seem cold and when you can't go to their house because you're feeling unwell they make other plans about 5 minutes later or was that just an excuse because they didn't actually want to come over to your house and you ask why they are being cold and tell them not to talk to you until they are being themselves again and they tell you they are just trying to be neutral because they do not know how they feel and you tell them that if they meant what they said when they told you how much they loved you then they would know because you did and you forgave them and you can't help who you are and when they made that mistake and told you they would do anything to make it up to you, why won't they keep their word and forgive you in return and why does it make you so sad to read the home made book of "reasons why you are great" while listening to the Athelete album which was playing when you first kissed?!

so in conclusion i am really sad and may soon be minus one boyfriend which honestly won't do me any good and i don't want to be in that position because i really do love him!!

look at my mood!! when have you ever seen that word assossiated with me!!!!?????
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