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people who love marsailidh and kirstys!!!!
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good days!!!!! we are kirsty and marsailidh and kirsty luvs marsailidh and marsailidh loves kirsty!!! we are amazing please feel free to veiw our amazingness and um we are from chad lol,
if you love marsailidh AND kirsty, not kirsty AND marsailidh you may join otherwise you may create a community called i luv marsailidh or i love kirsty, this is for people who love both. and are from chad. if you do not know where chad is then shame on you

Formal Name: Republic of Chad.

Short Form: Chad.

Term for Citizens: Chadian(s).

Capital: N'Djamena.

Independence: August 11, 1960 (from France).

Size: Approximately 1,284,000 square kilometers.

Description: Northern third desert, with mountains in north and plateaus in northeast; central third broad, arid savanna with Lake Chad in west, massive in center, and highlands in east; southern third wooded and humid lowlands, intersected by rivers.

Climate: Northern Saharan zone generally hot and dry; central sahelian zone mostly dry with rainy season from June to early September; southern soudanian zone tropical with rainy season lasting from April to October

Population: Estimated at 5 million to 5.2 million in 1985, most of which concentrated in capital and southern third of country.

Education and Literacy: Education compulsory until age twelve, but only about 40 percent of primary-school-aged children attended in late 1980s. Overall literacy rate about 15 percent in 1982.

Health and Welfare: Years of civil strife, drought, and overall impoverishment have kept health care at low level. Few existing medical facilities concentrated in capital and major cities in south. Life expectancy in late 1970s about forty-three years for women and thirty-nine years for men.

Languages: French and Arabic official languages, Sara common in south, more than 100 others spoken.

Ethnic Groups: More than 200 distinct ethnic groups; Toubou common in north, Arabs in sahelian zone, Sara in soudanian zone.

Religion: More than half of population Muslim; rest adhere to traditional African religions or Christianity


we are chadians and proud, please respect our chadiness and do not express the fact that you have, before today never heard of it
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