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so kirsty

ok so kirstys stupid msn saysd she is busy so i cant get her to join even though she said she would so here we are being us but guess who is missing KIRSTY OH COME BACK KIrSTY. ok so lalalalalalalalala KIRSTY she still isnt bloody back
the fookin maths department thot it would be great fun to give us our prelim tomorrow so i am revizeling. alalalalalalalalala. i would just like to say to whoever reads this that um well im very sorry. i really am not very nice to you. i found out why ma bitch wasnt speaking to me and low and behold arg it was because when he does he feels as if i dont wanna talk to him so i am very sorry. and i luv u jamesie oh and i luv kirsty and kirsty and lisa and megan and susan and dora and kowdie and the lunch dudes cause you are the lunch dudes i love cazzie too but she is not a lunch dude anymore, that causes great pain and anguish in my heart. boohoo. anyway KIRSTY COME THE FOOK BACK. ggrrrrrrr i hate sundays they are shitty
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